Learn CSS: Typography - Project: Typography: Section 7

Hi Codecademy,

I feel that the portion mentioned in the title could use better explaining. Everything up until this part was crystal clear.
This portion is somewhat unclear, it wasn’t discussed before hand in the section. It was mentioned how to import a downloaded font and use the @font-face rule, but not how to find the font-face ruleset from within google fonts.

Even the tip can be written in a simpler manner, as it doesn’t give a clear indication of what is being talked about, especially because you were not shown how to find this before hand.
An example could be
Before you delete your link tag imported from google in the html document, make sure to copy the href portion of the link tag and paste it in your browsers address bar, copy the rules under the / latin / comment

An image to explain what I am referring to.



This makes a lot of sense, my brain cells were on fire trying to decipher this step.

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Glad this helped you!

I was struggling so much with this step! Thank you for explaining :slight_smile:

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Hey there, I am glad this helped you.

Just to let you know, and to be honest with you I stopped using Codecademy due to things like this.
This post is 3 months old and not a single mod or dev member has responded to this or any of the other issues I had sent directly to them.

I found out that later there are even more issues with the course.
They also explain things but do not give advice on real world use case. What I mean by this is that, for example they teach you grid and flex box, but how do you know that the way you implementing it is the correct way.

I left after a found Jonas Schmedtmann on a different learning platform and never will look back again. Maybe eventually ill come back and use this platform as a form of testing my knowledge.

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Thank you (again) for the honesty. This is the second course I’ve done and even the one I did before (Video games w/ Phaser.js) I had to stop because one of the projects confused me and the hints were not helpful.

Thankfully I have experience with CSS and HTML before this and wanted to get the cert to have it, but I cannot imagine trying to do this course without what I already know.

But I’ve never heard of that person though, so I’ll go look them up! Thanks :slight_smile:

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It seems they don’t care.

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It would seem that way, yes

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maybe im stupid but i didn’t get your explaination :frowning:
I spent so long on this part, also using @import cos thats a link i got from the fonts website…
Chat GPT that is usually a big help could not help me enough to get it to work.
I ended up skipping that question 7. I think i could manage the rest though.

Where in the page do you see Latin apart from in the hint of the question?

You can refer to the given link for a solution.