Learn CSS: Grid (CSS Grid Essentials)

Sorry guys i know this is the wrong topic for discussion, however i am not getting any response from the other 2 forums that i had posted this question to:
(1) Learn HTML & CSS Part 1: 11. CSS Positioning
Learn CSS: Grid (CSS Grid Essentials)

(2) CSS: An Overview
Learn CSS: Grid (CSS Grid Essentials)

Hope someone out there could enlighten me on this , i have an enquiry regarding Exercise 6 of Learn CSS: Grid (CSS Grid Essentials)
I would appreciate your help alot.

Here is the link : https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-css-grid/lessons/css-grid-i/exercises/fraction?action=resume_content_item&course_redirect=learn-css

Change your rows so that each row will take up the exact same fraction of the available space.

Question1: Why doesn’t 2fr 2fr 2fr work? Doesn’t it produce the same results as 1fr 1fr 1fr?

If it is not expected by the SCT, it will not be accepted, regardless that it works as expected. In the present instance, there are only three rows, not six so it makes sense to use 1fr rather than 2fr.

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It seems like you are the only person around here in CodeAcademy !

Exercise Link: **https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-css-grid/lessons/css-grid-ii/exercises/grid-auto?action=resume_content_item&course_redirect=learn-css

Question: Did they miss out the minmax() function?


… or defer? Baby steps.

But it seems like minmax() has already been covered in the previous lesson
Learn CSS: Grid (CSS Grid Essentials)

Link : https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-css-grid/lessons/css-grid-i/exercises/minmax?action=resume_content_item&course_redirect=learn-css

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