Learn css course


i am very happy to have found this website and I selected the “learn html css” and so on course.

However, I am now in the Learn css: selectors and visual rules part 4/17 of the course and I have no idea where to enter any of the style attributes at all. I am guessing only and that’s frustrating.

Is there any help or assistance with the steps in the course?

Also, is there a progress bar of the entire course I am taking?

Thank you loads for your help!

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PROGRESS: if you go to codecademy login, my courses on the home page you’ll see the courses you currently are partaking and how many percent. If you set a path you click on your path and you’ll see a bit more detailed breakdown.

Also through the syllabus tab of the course you can see how many lessons per section and how many have a green check mark - meaning completed.

HELP WITH THE COURSE: There is FAQ’s which you can visit, if you are confused with the code you can ask in the appropriate section a question.

HTML & CSS section: https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/web

CSS FAQ: https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/guide/CSS-FAQ