Learn ChatGPT with Codecademy!

:wave: Hi, y’all! Happy Friday.

AI has certainly taken the world by storm, and we’re celebrating the launch of our new ChatGPT course by offering four of our paid machine learning/AI courses for free for a limited time only. :robot:

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Happy coding!

Will there be course(s) on fact checking or a critical look at the well-documented limitations with LLMs (bias, potential deception, etc) or anything on Ethical AI?

Lisa, there are two modules in this course that we think will address your questions. I’d recommend you take a look and if you still have more questions, we will be happy to share them with the team!


The first sentence of the first page of the first lesson already gives false information: “ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art, open source language model…”. Not true and very misleading information. Hopefully it’s a one off oversight and this pattern doesn’t follow…



Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

The information was based on an actual response from ChatGPT we got at the beginning of content production. We have already updated the gif to more accurately reflect ChatGPT’s current state.


Please can you help me know when this free course will end? :anguished:

I have some problems with my computer so I don’t think I can join now. :neutral_face: