LEAB_vs_GDP: I'd love to hear your opinion!


It took me a week of one or two hours daily to make this project.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about that!!!

Have a good day!

Hi there, this looks great! Love the way you’ve presented it all!

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Congrats on completing the project. You put a lot of effort into this. I think you tell the data story well and show rather than just tell. (via data vizzes.). People unfamiliar with the data set can easily follow along w/the notebook.

Some thoughts:

  • Move the para about where the data comes from & the brief description of the data to the top of the notebook. I think it comes from the WHO. It flows better with your points about what you want to investigate.

  • (minor) your first plot isn’t a bar plot; it’s a box plot.

  • I like the way you have a plot and a table, side by side–the min/max ages & % diff between the countries bar plot.

  • Perhaps move the part “LEABY & GDP Correlation” to the Conclusions section. It fits better there. IMO

You kind of hint at this in your conclusions and limitatiosn section, but something to also consider, it’s not just GDP that affects life expectancy. It’s also affordable & accessible health care, presence of war, diets, education, rural vs. urban living situations, etc.

Good job!

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Hi lisalisaj,

Thank you for your feedback, I agree with all your points!

I also agree that not only GDP influence life expectancy but a lot of other factors as well. Most of the factors you mentioned also depends on GDP (such as affordable & accessible health care). Interrelation between these variables can also be very interesting topic for research since life duration is a hot topic )))

Thank you!

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