Le b.a-ba. de l'HTML III


This is an other problem/bug in this series, and thats a LITTLE bit annoying.

There is the same problem like the previous one i report here : Le b.a-ba. de l'HTML III 1er exercice bug
The module concerned is : https://www.codecademy.com/fr/courses/web-beginner-fr-y9zpk/1/2?curriculum_id=51b5fb429c4e9d3a9b025db8
All exercises give the same instructions which doesnt match with code provided.
The part on the right, where the course are, seems to be correct but the code part, and the instructions too, doesnt change and stay the same with the previous code exercise.

i take screnshot for better understanding:

Thanks for your patience and time. Best regards


The learning environment you are using and the exercise track are no longer supported, so bugs might be expected, its the reason links to those exercises have been removed from the main site.

I really recommend to upgrade to the supported course, there bugs can be reported and will be fixed, this will not be true for no longer supported content like you are currently doing