Le b.a-ba. de l'HTML III 1er exercice bug


Bonjour a tous,
<En dessous de cette ligne, ajoutez un lien vers l’exercice EXACT où vous êtes bloqués.>
<De quelle façon votre code a t-il un comportement anormal? Inclure tous les messages d’erreur.>
Alors cet exercice est truffé de bug completement…et je suis vraiment degouté du nombre de bug qui me donne envie d’arreter sur ce site…

Le code qui s’affiche est le suivant

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Table Time</title>
		<h1>Tables Are Mega Sweet</h1>

le 1er bug est qu’il n’y a aucune des balises de départ dont le cours parle, ensuite si je tente de faire quand meme l’exercice bah l’erreur qu’il detecte c’est que mon titre n’a pas la bonne couleur, une fois changé il me trouve que c’est pas la bonne typo, bref on dirait qu’il s’agit de la correction d’un exercice sur le css mais nulle part il n’y a de baliose

dans le code dedepart ni dans la correction.

Si besoin de screenshot n’hesitez pas a le demander.
Merci a ceux qui prendront le temps de me repondre


Apparemment tout les exercices de cette section ont un bug chez moi…


Please post your CSS file, thanks.

S’il vous plaît poster votre fichier CSS, merci.


There is no CSS file on this exercices, i post the only code provided, all the 3 first exercices give the same instructions which doesnt match with code provided but when i tried the 4th i see the good code with the same instructions since i start this série le baba HTML III so you need to remake the 3 first exercises who course and code doesnt match.
I dont know if it is very clear… I give you more information with screenshots if needed


I got a pass with this right after the H1…



Ok i’ll try but there is no match between the start code in this lesson and the instructions. WE must have your code without “deux trois” on start because course talk about array and the code correction talk about font family and other CSS stuff.
I’ll see so stay tuned and thank you for helping


So, the 3 exercises still doesnt match like i said and we can valid them with a copy/paste of the code you provided before. i have an other problem with an other exercise still in HTML III
Thanks for the reactivity you was so helpful!!!

Le b.a-ba. de l'HTML III

This is an other problem/bug in this series, and thats a LITTLE bit annoying.

The module concerned is : https://www.codecademy.com/fr/courses/web-beginner-fr-y9zpk/1/2?curriculum_id=51b5fb429c4e9d3a9b025db8

All exercises give the same instructions which doesnt match with code provided.

The part on the right, where the course are, seems to be correct but the code part, and the instructions too, doesnt change and stay the same with the previous code exercise.

i take screnshot for better understanding:

Thanks for your patience and time. Best regards


This is an old track module that is unsupported, today. The ony official track is in English as all international language modules are being sunsetted. Suggest switch to the English version and do the track afresh.


ok thanks i will do that but you must advertise user before they start for a better experience, because i must do again all modules :frowning: I think i switch html course on other site and maybe come back for other language…

Thank you for your time