Layout Lessons-8.Excercise "CLEAN PROPERTY"


Hello guys, I have try to figure clear property out for an hour, what it is exactly. In the site it is so abstract lack image instructions or real time browser page. I know its about positioning but what kind of it?

"The clear property specifies how elements should behave when they bump into each other on the page. It can take on one of the following values:"

It says on the website like this. But when change the code nothing happened. In the instructions manual, it says that ;

"Take a look at the .answers divs on the web page. They have been floated to the left, but the .question divs are touching the .answer divs on the right, let's fix this.

In the .question selector, set the clear property to left. Notice how the questions moved."

But here arent any mistakes on the site, actually it is very good in design:) Could someone explain it to me:))

thank you already.


look at this bin, add a clear property to #clear and see the difference effects. clear: left will clear the #left, clear: right will clear the #right, clear:both will clear the tallest of the two elements

no clear property will hide the #clear below left and right


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