Late Night Friday Project

Here’s a fun little program I decided to work on, after hearing some friends making fun of Romeo and Juliet, with some “Shakespearian insults”.

Though simple programmatically, this program took me about an hour, just due to the data entry. It’s a lot of long typing (and my phone screen kept shutting off. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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That’s a lot of typing! On a phone? You must have too much time on your hands (kidding).

Here’s a challenge… Track down a public copy of the Romeo and Juliet play and cross-reference these terms to,

  1. speaker
  2. scene and act
  3. line text
  4. to whom is he/she speaking?

The first step is tracking down the script. Is there an API that permits search? How about a text only data file?

Found some possibilities in this SERP:

We need someone with Java smarts to parse out about 500 KB from this 18 MB file to a new JSON file. That would make it 1/37th less wieldly. If what the author says came from Romeo and Juliet, then we must hold them to that.

William Shakespeare Plays - William Shakespeare (JSON) - the Datahub

There is enough data there to print the script of every Shakespeare play. Class, get to work and do it, at least for this play, anyway.

Is not found in Romeo and Juliet except within another word, heartless.

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Thanks. Typos happen! :yum:

That was not a slight against the program. I actually thought it rather clever.