Late Arrivals and List Length returning "Did you remember to append() three items to suitcase?"


Followed the instructions and entered the following code:

suitcase = ["shirts", "socks", "pants", "underwear"] 


list_length = len(suitcase) # Set this to the length of suitcase

print "There are %d items in the suitcase." % (list_length)
print suitcase

It looks like it outputs fine, but I can't advance to the next lesson, as I keep getting an error message which reads "Oops! Try again. Did you remember to append() three items to the suitcase?" As far as I can tell, I did. I have tried this in both Firefox and Chrome, same result. It looks like there are a lot of people who have run into this problem but I couldn't find out what was wrong from any of the previous forum topics. Please let me know what's up!


Begin with an empty list.

suitcase = []

so you end with 4 items.


You should not change the value of suitcase on the first line. Codecademy checks if there are 4 elements in the suitcase at the end of your code.

You have to change the first line to original form:

suitcase = []


Thanks for the tip. This worked. The wording of the exercise was a bit confusing, I think.


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