Las posibilidades son infinitas!


I decided to take the Freelance Website Development course because I wanted to shake some things up. I didn't feel like I was uncovering any of the potential that I had. Sure, I had read a couple of books on building websites, but there was something missing. I didn't know what that was unitl I started the course. I was missing people. While coding is self-contained, I needed someone I could reach out to when I got stuck and frustrated. And I was getting more and more anxious to build, to create, and see my thoughts come alive. I joined Girl Develop It--Dayton and started taking the classes, but I needed much more and I was able to gain it through the eight week bootcamp. Was it easy? Of course not. But in the end, I was committed to seeing myself succeed. It was no longer about talking, reading, and attending classes, I needed to figure out a successful strategy to starting and finishing a website. Luckily, Code Academy helped me to formulate a strategy and a blueprint for successful future website projects. And for that I am forever grateful. Try something new, step out of your comfort zone porque las posibilidades son infinitas!


That's a great story Tayla, I'm glad that you found Codecademy Ready helpful! I'm also glad that you supplemented your course with some in-person activity, that can help a lot too – that's why we're encouraging people to start their own local study groups. We're excited to hear how you do from now - let us know how your coding journey progresses! :smiley: