Larger sum, challenge, python

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When I try to solve the problem I am confused on indentation.

the question is like that " Create a function named larger_sum() that takes two lists of numbers as parameters named lst1 and lst2 .
The function should return the list whose elements sum to the greater number. If the sum of the elements of each list are equal, return lst1 ."

I reckon when I didn’t apply indentation to under the “if condition” the answer was correct.
Otherwise, an error message came up like that larger_sum([1, 9, 5], [2, 3, 11]) should have returned [2, 3, 11] , and it returned [1, 9, 5].’
Let me know why I do not have to apply indentation to under the “if condition”

you nested your if/else clauses within your second for loop

this means you are comparing the sum of list1 with only the first item of list2.


Thank you for your explanation!