Laptop for coding


Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. I’ve recently decided to make a start on code academy, which I’d like to do with a laptop. I’ve not got a huge budget though and I was wondering:

a) What kind of hardware will I need for it? Will a cheap 2017 chromebook be ok. (I have no experience with chromebooks)

b) What degree of hardware would I need to run/compile code on if I were to follow up learning on codeacademy with some actual coding?

Best reagrds



What kind of applications are you planning on building? I have a 5 year old laptop with i5 4th generation processor, everything is running and compiling smoothly, from webserver till GUI apps.

Its impossible to build something alone, which is so big that any modern laptop would struggle, unless your on purpose would write the code with a lot of mistakes trying to make it slow.


Hmn, well I think i’ll pick up an older i5 then.

Thank you :slight_smile:


you have a lot of choice, many computers will suit your needs