Language specific course completion and its tracking in Skill/Career Path

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My question is, if I’ve completed a language-specific course (say, SQL), do I have to complete it once more if it is listed in Skill/Career Paths or will it be auto-calculated as completed and my progress % will automatically become higher?

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Yep, if there is course overlap it will show as complete in the different paths. Ex: I’m on the DS path and also completed portions of a previous SQL course a couple years prior. It registered as completed in my DS path. Same with the Python 3 course and overlap in DS path. It also doesn’t hurt to go back over the material just in case one has forgotten specifics. :slight_smile:


I’d like to add that the reverse is a little tricky.

If you are in the Data Science Path and complete the lessons of an overlapping course or skill path, you will not get the certificate of completion for that course or skill path. Those certificates are only awarded when you complete the lessons within the course itself, not it’s overlapping version in the Career Path


Thank you so much! This fully answers my question. :ok_hand:t2:

Thanks a lot!
Yeah, this is exactly what I’ve encountered while doing my Design DB with PostgreSQL Skill - when SQL session was fully completed, I noticed that it is mentioned as a 100% in the SQL Course and wanted to pin it to my LinkedIn, however I then went to the docs and found out this thing about the full certificate after Skill/Path is fully completed.

And so this question re. vice versa calculations arised…)

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