Language issue with the website!

Hi guys… I’m having an issue with the language setting on the website. It says that I have it set to English, but some things keep showing in Chinese! The default in the URL is also “zh.” The only work-around I have found is to go into the url and change “zh” to “en” every single time I load a lesson. But then I keep getting a warning message. I’ve attached images… Sorry not sure where else to post about this.

As you can see, it is set to English at the bottom, yet some things still show in chinese:

2nd pic

After I manually change the “zh” to “en” in the URL, warning message:

3rd pic

Anyone know how to fix this?

When you check your Account, does it have the right language in the “Preferred language” box?

Thanks for the pointer to the Account URL. That allowed me to set my preferred local back to English (from Spanish - an earlier oopsie when I registered I guess).
I had spent a fair amount time trying to find the account settings page(s) (from the page(s)), but was not able to find my way to that. Seems like this (an easy way to access one’s account info) should be present as a link on at least the top level web page.

I can confirm the above-observed bug - but with respect to a default locale of ‘es’ set in the account info and then subsequently manually selecting English (from pull down at the lower right hand corner of the web page(s)). As with the above user’s report, some of the content remains in Spanish (the default locale), while the remainder goes to the manually-selected one.

Hope this may help you to improve matters.
; David J. Brown Ph.D. (cantab.)
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Just in case you are looking for it again, on the site, the thing you are looking for is your profile picture in the top, right hand corner of each page. You will find My Account under that.

It may not have been anything you did when you registered. It sounds like there is an elusive bug with regards to spontaneous language changes.

From your signature, I take it that you are working at the Internet Archive?

Yes, it does show English as my default language, while at the same time displaying much of that page in Chinese.

Just to be sure:

Ah. I have now ferreted out the place where such an image might appear - but is not visible on the codeacademy top page as presented to me. Quite possibly this is due to my use of various privacy supportive software (as plugins) in the browser (Firefox here). Ordinarily that collateral-blocking software filters pop-ups and other advertising material, but it is quite possible that it is not sophisticated enough to decide otherwise on the image that you expect to be presented in that section of the page’s header area.

If I move into that rectangle and then also left click in that (blank for me) area though, I do see the pull down menu with the “My Account” and other three items.

Might be interesting to decipher what’s going on with all that, but for the moment I suppose it’s worth your knowing that that intended image is invisible to me (and therefore I suspect to many others who use similar anti-intrusion plug-ins in their browsers).

More ordinary usage I think is that there be a link at the bottom of the page - ordinarily with a text string to manifest it, which allows a user access to their account settings.
That might be worth considering, in addition to the usage scheme I now see has been chosen.

I know it’s not easy to support the panoply of browsers (and system platforms upon which they run) - especially nowadays, when people are pressed to deal with the vast number of exploits and intrusions that present there.
Happy to discuss further, but I hope you may all have some ideas of your own to address some of these top-level issues more expediently.