Language Families project - ClassNotFoundException

yes im sure i could probably go back and re-learn the lessons…am having troubles and would not like to spend all day on it

public class Language{

  protected String name;
  protected int numSpeakers;
  protected String regionsSpoken;
  protected String wordOrder;

 public Language(String langName, int speakers, String regions, String wdOrder) { = langName;
    this.numSpeakers = speakers;
    this.regionsSpoken = regions;
    this.wordOrder = wdOrder;

  public void getInfo(){

  System.out.println( + "is spoken by " this.numSpeakers + "people mainly in " + this.regionsSpoken + ".");

  System.out.println("The language follows the word order: " + this.wordOrder);
  public static void main(String[] args){
  Language polish = new Language ("Polish", 60000000, "Poland", "subject-verb-object");

compile the source file of your main class (or perhaps all source files, not sure if the rest get pulled in or not, maybe they don’t)

$ javac -help
Usage: javac <options> <source files>

i thought i had compiled it with “javac Language java”

You typed the $ the second time, and the first time you put a space between Langauge and java. You want to specify the filename: javac