Language Families (Inheritance)

Hi, I’m making this project (I do it in NetBeans because is easier), and in Step 7 I have to Override a method (getInfo), I did it without the ‘‘this.’’ before the variable name and it worked, but then I checked the Hint just to see if it was the right thing to do, but, there the code was different, for example: “”, I assume to make a reference to the variable in the Mayan class (which is the one I’m working with). But I would like to know why it worked without the “this.” and if is necessary to use it or is a good practice.

Thank you, if you can’t understand something please tell me, english is not my main language.

This is the code in the Hint, which worked for me without the “this.”:

public void getInfo() {

System.out.println( + " is spoken by " + this.numSpeakers + " people mainly in " + this.regionsSpoken + ".");
System.out.println("The language follows the word order: " + this.wordOrder);
System.out.println("Fun fact: " + + " is an ergative language.");