Landing your first programming career?



I just have a few questions.

I am 25 and currently undertaking a Cognitive Neuroscience MSc. One of our modules is programming in neuro-imaging, which involves using Python & Psychopy. I had never programmed before this course, but find that I am really enjoying it. The module has focused a lot on loading CSV files, data analysis and developing psychology experiments.

I like the idea of breaking my way into Software Development somehow. However, without a Computer Science degree, and with less than one year programming experience, I am a bit clueless as to what I should be doing.

What is the best way to develop your programming skills and computer science knowledge? What type of careers are available? How do you compete with people that'll have been programming for years, or have a related degree?

Any advice will be appreciated,


That's all you need.
Dedication and hard work.

Even if you don't have a computer science degree, if you put in the hours then you'll get to where you want to be. It's by no means a fast process, and it'll probably take a while to be job-ready, but if you work hard then you can succeed. Why not?
Don't be intimidated by those with more experience than you - learn from them. Be prepared to get things wrong, and take criticism on the chin. Learn from your mistakes.

Many large tech companies don't focus on degrees anymore; if you can do what they need you to do, and you're good at it, then there's nothing stopping you from being hired.

Maybe check out KhanAcademy for basic programming and algorithm work, and check out TutorialsPoint for some more advanced programming in many languages.

If you want to learn computer science itself, maybe check out some books on Amazon. If you really know nothing about computer science then start off with a GCSE book and work your way up from there.
I recommend this GCSE study guide:


Thanks for the reply!

I will check out the links.

I think I am just worrying a bit as I finish my degree in about 6 months, and don't really know what to do following it (as I probably would be proficient enough at programming to land myself a career).