Landing a Coding Job as a Newbie

Hi there,

It’d take 5-10min reading this post, but your opinion may be really valuable for me.

Before diving in Javascript and finishing the course, I’d like to ask you for some advice on this question that is drilling my mind.

I’m hunting for a remote position in the marketing field, possibly as a PPC specialist entry-level or content marketer associate.

Before getting on Codecademy, even if it’s not something that I did in the past when trying to build a consultancy business, getting certified is something that it’s of interest to prospective employers.

Related to marketing, I got every certification from Google, three from Hubspot, one for Bing Ads and a 12-week growth marketing specialist Minidegree by CXL, completed in one.

I started coding because it’s really valuable even in the marketing space, especially JS, SQL, Py, R depending on what you’re looking for.

In this first month I learned how to craft a great cover letter and trying to land a good-fitting job, which got me some interviews.

I can’t stop learning myself, so I’m coding in the morning and first afternoon, then sending out applications when I find some in late afternoon.

After Just 80h of coding, I can feel I’m way more at ease than before starting(almost 3 years ago learning how to code in C in college was not a good experience). syntax is still a problem but I’m not working on memorizing it right now. I went through the HTML, CSS, SQL, Py, R and now I’m finishing the JS course.

Since I’m broke right now and Codecademy is the only resource I can use ( they gave me 3 months of pro membership, thanks guys), I was thinking of seriously putting into work and trying to land a entry-level job.

The goal right now is to land a job, ideally in London, obviously starting remotely as I’m in Italy right now. When in good waters, I’ll start thinking again about business.

In your opinion, which is the best option that I have between completing a career path or completing most of the courses/skill paths of a given language, such as JS or Python?

Also, I guess that employers give a lot of attention to projects. May I build good ones with the skill paths, such as React for JS or Machine Learning for Py?

I know this maybe a long post compared to others, but your advice will be really precious as I’m new in this field.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the day ahead!