Laggy command line environment implementation


Am I the only one who feel that all the courses in Codecademy involving command line input process seems so laggy? I can’t continue the course as it’s too laggy that cause some issues such as not properly recognizing input. I want to see some good performance working on those courses.


That depends on the statistics of your device. The better it is, the better it runs.

Not only that, but it also depends on your internet. The better it is, the— you get it, right?


Well My 1Gbps internet and XPS 15 9560 don’t look fall off from anything. Even with my 8700k and 32gb desktop as well. Bring me some valid reason, not your useless assumption. You get it, right?


Has more to do with the speed of light


I think we can all agree from that it’s the reason why you’re experiencing this, right?

1GB of internet seems quite obvious that you’d be having a “laggy command line environment implementation” using Codecademy.

Scratch what I said here:

Because really, the only thing that matters in this case is your internet connection. It does.


Have you thought this through?

Let’s assume a keystroke needs 1KB of data. That’s a huge amount for a keystroke, but let’s just assume there’s some metadata and pick a really high limit to how much it might be.

How many such keystrokes can be sent on a gigabit connection in one second? Do the math.

You are correct that the connection is the issue, but the limiting factor is not the throughput, it is the distance that the signal needs to travel.

Personally I’d be okay with sharing a gigabit connection with 99 other people.