Lack of API introduction

Hey I’m currently at the request 1st part in the webdev tree, which is nice and all but it starts off with the need to register for an API. Nowhere in the course does an API come up as a thing and the overall lack of it is really frustrating to me. I mean, sure I have googled whats an API and after the fith “An API is a waiter that connects you to the kitchen” analogy I get it, but why do I have to register for it, what is it exactly?

Can you please ellaborate on the subject and also explain to me why the whole course is lacking the proper introduction to APIs so far, especially when it seems to be such an important part of the whole picture?


Hey! I found these two articles that might help you…

I’m honestly also new to the topic, so I think this is all the help I can give lol…

Thanks, I’m checking them out! Also its pretty intersting how there is zero response on any related threads by the admins ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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No problem :relaxed: And yup, you’re right :thinking:

What you’re registering for is an account with Rebrandly, because in order to use their service to create shortlinks they require you to have an account. (Requiring users to authenticate before they can create content is quite common. You need to log in - authenticate - to this forum before you can post, for example.)

In broad terms, an API (or “Application Programming Interface”) is a mechanism for interacting with some other code.

In the case of the Requests I lesson, you will be walked through how to interact with two APIs: the Datamuse API, and the Rebrandly API.

Let’s focus on the Datamuse API.

Datamuse have created a program which contains a word list, as well as supporting information about what words rhyme with each other, what the synonyms for a given word are, what words are often used to describe another word…

To save you from having to do all that work again yourself, Datamuse have written functionality into that program which you can use to ask it the relevant questions and get a useful answer.

The functionality which allows you to send your questions (requests) to Datamuse, and which allows Datamuse to give you answers (responses), is the API. It is what allows you to interface with Datamuse’s application.

The section of the Web Development Path opens with an article about HTTP, and the process of request and response.

At this point in the course, the focus is on teaching you how to send requests and how to deal with the responses from the remote service. To stick to your restaurant analogy, it’s teaching you how to give your order to the waiter and how to go about eating your meal when it’s served.

The API is just a web address that you’re interacting with using JavaScript, much like you interact with “” with your browser by coming here to the forums.

The forums are meant to facilitate getting help from, or providing help to, other learners- just as @yizuhi has done in this case . It’s not just the mods who may have answers to questions, you know. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your long and thorough answer!

Although I do understand that its a place to getting help from and it’s not only the mod’s job to provide answers, but in my point of view I’m paying for the lectures and the whole usage, basically to be able to post here/ tho I must admit I was a tad frustrated when posting this/ about any course-related questions, and I’d like to get -no offense to yizuhi or anyone willing to help- “proper” answers to my questions which in many many cases are provided from the obviously experienced and pro mods who have been programming maybe even longer than my own existence.