I want to start Android programming, thank you
Tell me about the roadmap and the best training courses for kotlin and what I need to learn, because no matter what I do, I will not find anything good to teach kotlin.

Like as if. Your belief is that the internet will just ‘tell’ you things to help you succeed or get on with your life. Well, d’uh, it doesn’t.

Okay, let’s look at it from another perspective. The internet will open our eyes to the world and perhaps have an effect on our world view that makes the universe visible to us.

Now it becomes a fear factor. Pause to think…

I believe the internet have a ocean of resources to get you started, it’s just whether are you patient enough to maintain the search. Here’s a little candy for you, hope it gives you the adrenaline required.

As for Kotlin learning, there isn’t the best. Every teacher have their techniques of delivering the contents hence it is better you start considering some open-source materials and test out their explanations on whether it suits you. Keep moving, keep improving.

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I mean the good courses you had