[KNOWN] Weird glitches in Python 2 - Diffing not working

Hello everyone,
I haven’t been active on Codecademy for about a year. So today, I decided to come back and resume the Python 2 course that I had started ages ago, mainly because we were learning a bit of python in school.
However, I found a weird problem with the diffing. You see, my brain works in a really weird way and I struggle to understand some concepts with the explanation and actually need to see it in action, so sometimes the diffing thing really helps me to get the concept (here lists and functions) engraved into my brain. So of course, I looked at the diffing but I found a really weird glitch (well three, to be exact)

  1. The most important is that the diffing isn’t actually working. I look at the diffing, and sometimes it doesn’t display a difference to what I have written (or a minimal difference such as an extra row after what I have written) yet it marks it as wrong.
  2. Related to above is how when I click replace with solution, (cuz I do that sometimes) it automatically marks it as correct. This isn’t the problem, but the actual problem is that it doesn’t actually change anything
  3. This one is (probably) more general, but for some reason the view solution button is appearing before I start the exercise sometimes, which I find helpful (ofc) but probably isn’t whats intended by Codecademy.

Please bear in mind that despite having a really old account, I’m still just a kid who does stuff on codecademy for fun, so yeah thats why I do stuff like diffing. If i was taking this completely seriously I doubt I’d do that.

Anyway thanks for reading this and also three questions:

  1. is this happening to anybody else?
  2. is this unique to this specific part of the python course?
  3. does codecademy have a bug tracker or something similar?

Just to clarify a white space?

It does change the code. (If there is a difference between your code and the solution)

This is caused by the editor disconnecting and when it reconnects running the code (This could happen multiple times in a second) making it say that what you did was wrong even though you did not change anything.

  1. The 3rd thing happens to me.
  2. Some of these things may only be in the Python 2 course but I have never taken it.
  3. To my knowledge they do not have any kind of pug tracker other than the tags in Bug Reporting

I have no idea how to do the quote things, so I’ll just like do paragraphs.

If whitespace just means pressing enter, well yeah that is whitespace (although when I did html i think it meant something different but yeah)

I tested it in a part where it was actually showing the differences in the diffing, and it didnt actually change the code. I’ll try insert some pictures (if i can cuz I barely ever use the forums)

before (i just clicked run two times without doing any of the task)

diffing(looking at diffing, there is obviously some differences) i then clicked replace with solution

Here you can see after i clicked replace with solution (which i cant take a screenshot of) it marked my answer as correct even tho it didnt change it.
EDIT: forgot to mention the “view solution” button remains. Its really weird

anyway thanks for answering and yeah have a great day :slight_smile:

Ok. Can you give me a link to the lesson?

here: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-python/lessons/lists-and-functions/exercises/passing-a-range-into-a-function
its being happening throughout the whole part of this lesson, not just in this section. this is just the example I gave.

I just reported this internly. Thanks for the report.

@lamg Update the CC team has received the bug report and are currently working on a fix.

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Hi again!
Today I was doing the Learn Javascript course and the same thing happened again, so I think it’s a problem throughout the whole of Codecademy and not just that specific python course.
If you really need it here’s a link: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/introduction-to-javascript/lessons/loops/exercises/break-keyword
I posted this here as I didn’t think it was worth it to create a new topic for what is ultimately the same bug.

Also, on the Learn CSS course, the exact opposite happened: I got something wrong, then looked at the diffing and it automatically replaced my code once I got to the diffing.

It’s definitely a Codecademy-wide bug, not just Python.

Just passed along that it does not only affect the Python 2 course.

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I started Python 2 course yesterday, July 25th (2022), and this is still happening… a lot, and I’m barely 33% of my way through the course.

It’s not only irritating, but its causing confusion and wasting time. I’ve found other errors and idiosyncrasies too, and as a result I’m finding myself getting frustrated by the site, and I feel like the site is holding me back.

I intend to report this back to my employer, who use your services for apprenticeships, as I do not believe that this meets the level of service they are paying for.

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It’s happening to me on the Python 2 course too. It started on this exercise: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-python/lessons/pyglatin/exercises/check-yourself

I got a similar issue with the diffing not working here

I know that I have made a mistake here but the code isn’t showing up for some reason
This is the lesson for reference
Learn Python 2 | Codecademy