Kiosk in Dreamweaver?!


Hey Guys, I need help with programming a Kiosk for a project. I’m using Dreamweaver to create this but I’m sort of unsure of the process and what to do. Please help!


Not sure what you mean with “programming a Kiosk”. Would you explain what you wanna do? :smiley:


As I understand it, a kiosk is an access point where devices can be given network access under administrative control, but that’s about all I could add, if I’m even anywhere near what the OP is asking.


Basically, I want to make it similar to this design (attached below) where there are clickable buttons, I can click a button to take me to another page where other information can be given. A kiosk is an interactive touchscreen machine basically, similar to self-checkout machines, the self-check-in machines at the airport, and the ordering machines at McDonald’s.


Not sure in what language are done those “Kiosk” but the design and functionality at web design can be done by just placing “button” tags at the grid and giving them an url at the href property.

The same goes for everything like as framework, mobile apps, etc. The only thing that matter is the url link and how to link it to the button.