Kindly Help! Everything is up to mark. Still giving font size error


Replace this line with your code.


after a css property (font-size) there should be a colon, you are missing the colon in all 3 three lists


it's there but don't know why its not showing in the screen shot


but after i login into incognito and tried it the same got approved


you have:

font-size 16px;

it should be:

font-size: 16px;

if there is a colon, it shows up in a image, unless you did some skilled photoshopping


but now again i am getting a error..


why would i do photoshopping & then put it here :frowning:


after the style attribute you should use an equal sign. Not a colon, the colon is for after css property's (font-size, text-align and so on) Now you are at a completely different exercise.


thanks you so much for your help! Really Appreciated....