Kindly help ,error in installing postgreSQL

Hi Not able to install postgreSQL pls help

thanks in advance

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I don’t know if anyone can help or not but a touch more information might help. This is installing postgresql on windows? The version, which installer your OS and what you did to reach this point may help as would details like whether you have admin rights and so on.

It almost looks like a permissions error but that’s a guess. If you don’t catch an answer (or just in the meantime) try a web search for the same thing to at least start eliminating some possibilities.

I am installing it on win 10
already tried few solution on web before posting but it didnt work for me
thank you !

That’s still pretty limited on detail, how did you even try to install this software. From a guide? Using a binary?

Using PostgreSQL On Your Own Computer | Codecademy

I was doing this lesson and following instruction given in it
but couldnot install it on my windows 10 64 pc
postgresql-13.2-1-windows-x64.exe file