Kinda minimalist portfolio project

Hey everyone,

Feel free to check on my website here and provide feedback. It’s an ongoing portfolio project so there may be changes throughout.

I used JS to toggle the dark mode and a library inspired from I think I could have done better but it’s my first time using a library so it’s actually satisfying to be able to make it work on my portfolio

I like it. It’s a great concept for a portfolio site. I’m also working in mine but not close to finish yet.

I understand your site is a work-in-progress, so I’ll suggest adding the following to your to-do list based on my brief interaction with your site:

  1. Have light/dark mode as default in correlation to the user’s device/browser configurations. for example, my default is dark mode, so it would be smoother if when I enter your site is already in dark mode as default (and vice versa)

  2. Improve responsiveness. While the full screen version on my PC looks great, on mobile there are small issues that need to be addressed, in particular how the elements are centered on the screen and an insidious black border across the screen.


Thanks Ricardo,

That’s a great feedback. Just noticed how awful my site in terms of responsiveness. Better start fixing that.