Kibandaski (Online street restaurant)

Hey everyone, I just completed the e-commerce app portfolio project a couple of days ago and it feels so good knowing I’m so close to finally finishing the course (I started in August 2020 lol).

Kibandaski is an e-commerce app that allows the user to buy food from a Kenyan street restaurant (called a “kibanda” in Kiswahili; remixed to “kibandaski” by local youth), as well as perform functions on orders and products as an administrator. Users may view products without authorisation, but all other available functionality requires authorisation.

After initially spending about 2½ weeks on building the backend in Part 1, I spent about a month on Part 2 as I had many improvements to make with the new knowledge and skills I acquired on the course in the lessons following Part 1 before moving on to the frontend. I definitely could still improve in some areas, especially when it comes to testing, but I’m pretty proud of the end result.

If you’d like to check out the code and get credentials to try the app yourself, the repo is available at Feedback will also be appreciated.