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Hey guys! Anyone from Khan Academy on CC?

I’ve used it to supplement certain concepts. It’s not bad!

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I used it for non-coding related things back when I was homeschooled (sometimes I use it to get some help on homework)

Nice! I’m pretty much active every day there, and trust me, it’s way more fun than it looks.

If you really want to get in deep with some of the subjects though I encourage you to look up university lectures (Stanford, MIT, Harvard, etc.) They tend to give more vision and scope.

Also by watching the university courses, you can better understand what they teach and how they teach it. Really helpful if you plan on taking that course at that university.

Well, actually, I first started in CC and then I joined Khan Academy after @wafflejz told me about it and I joined, and it started off nicely. I’ve only done it for less than 24 hours and it is amazing! Problem is, it told me I needed to do lower grade courses as I had never done it before which are super repetitive.


Yeah, and their computer programming course is really great! They got HTML, JS, C++, and I think at one point they even had a Python course. It’s probably taken down by now.
(BTW, is sharing a link outside of CC allowed?)

It’s allowed (as long as it’s relevant and you’re not advertising :slight_smile: )

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So is posting a link to another learning platform allowed?

Yes, I think it is. As long as it’s related and not inappropriate.

Ok, so then this is a Khan Academy sandbox:

They have all sorts of programming languages, as mentioned above.
Link: Computer programming | Computing | Khan Academy

I’m from Khan Academy! @bountyhunter665 , I’ve never seen a C++ course on there, nor Python. All they have is HTML/CSS, JS, and SQL. Plus advanced JS.

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The close ties with the three native browser APIs (especially JS) stems from their association with John Resig and Processing.js which provides the backbone for the learning platform. Resig, as we may know, is the creator/founder of jQuery. His insight and efforts enabled the porting of Processing, a Java (?) graphical library to the JS operating environment and merged it with the HTML <canvas> element. None of this involves Python so there is little incentive for them (KhanAcademy) to teach it.


Nice! So if you’re from Khan Academy, then I guess you know what I’m talking about? About the sandboxes, I mean. (BTW, yes, there’s been a C++ course, I’ve been there for like 3+ years)

Great! I’ve only been there since about January-February 2018. And yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. A fresh program for you to start from scratch. You can choose between a new program (JS), a new webpage (HTML/CSS), and a new database (SQL).