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I have created ( and received help creating ) a program that will allow a user to answer questions and get a response that they need to fix their phone. This is meant to be a troubleshooting code. However, I want to adapt this to allow the code to ask the user a question, such as " Describe your issue" and then the system will pick out keywords that they have answered with. For example if they answered with, " the display and software is messing up" then the system would recognise the words " display" and " software". Any ideas on how I would do this?

Thanks, Peter :slight_smile:

questions = {"Device": "What is your device\n",#At the start of the code, questions will begin and in a random order asking what is wrong with the users phone.
             "Display": "Is your display working?\n",
             "Dropped": "Has your device been dropped?\n",
             "Start": "Is your device turning on?\n",
             "Update": "Have you installed the lastst update on your device?\n",
             "Charge": "Is your device having battery issues?\n",
             "Water": "Has your device been exposed to water?\n",
             "Jailbreak": "Is your device Jailbroken or Routed?\n",
             "Camera":  "Is your devices camera broken?\n",
             "Slow": "Is your device slowing down?\n"

#At this point the questions end and will start to display solutions to the problem that they have stated they have had. 
responses = {"Device": "Your device is %s.\n",
             "Display": {"no": "You entered no to display. \n"
                               "Try charging the phone for a couple hours and "
                               "let it charge, if this doesn't work contact your "
                               "nearest supplier.\n",
                                 "yes": None},
             "Dropped": {"yes": "You entered Yes to the phone being dropped. If it is dented take it to your supplier.\n", 
                        "no": None},
             "Start": {"no": "You entered the device isn't turning on. You may need to let the device charge for a couple hours, if this doesn't work, contact your nearest supplier.\n",
                      "yes": None},
             "Update": {"no": "You havent updated to the latest software on your device. Please do that soon to fix your issue.\n",
                      "yes": None},
             "Charge": {"yes": "You entered Yes to having battery issues, you may need a new battery for your device to make it work sufficiently. Best advice would be to let the battery die down and recharge it later.\n",
                      "no": None},
             "Water": {"yes": "You enetered you have exposed your device to water. A common solution for water damage is to leave it in rice over night. This will soak up any excess water in your device.\n",
                      "no": None},
             "Jailbreak": {"yes": "You have jailbroken/ routed your phone. This can commonly mess up operating systems. Please restore your device to factory settings.\n",
                      "no": None},
             "Camera": {"yes": "You have entered that your camera is not working. No common solutions for this issue. Please take it to the nearest supplier.\n",
                      "no": None},
             "Slow": {"yes": "You entered that your device is slowing down. Best advice would consist of deleting many useless things on the device and restore if that doesn't work.\n",
                      "no": None},
def user_input(question, override=False):#This will help the user answer the questions if they type them in wrong.
    Sanitize user input
    :param question: Question to be asked
    :param override: Override check for yes/no response
    :return: response to question
    while question:
            response = str(input(question))
            if not override:
                assert response in ['yes', 'no'], "Please enter your answer in the format of [yes, no].\n"
            question = False
            return response
        except AssertionError as error:
def main():
    Loops through all available questions and stores the response,
    then loops through all answers and displays the corresponding information.
    :return: None
    answers = {
        topic: user_input(question, override=True if topic in "Device" else False)#This demonstates Iteration as it loops overrides to help the user work the system. 
        for topic, question in questions.items()

    for k, i in answers.items():
        if k is "Device":
            print(responses[k] % i)

    print("Thank you for using our service.")


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