Keyword arguments


i dont understand any of this. why isnt def create_spreadsheet (title , "Creating a spreadsheet called " ) correct. I hit solution and i still dont understand it and the damned thing gave me a badge too which is frustrating I didn’t earn it


def create_spreadsheet(title):
title = (“Downloads”)
print("Creating a spreadsheet called ")

create_spreadsheet(“Downloads” + title) title is not defined?


this is way better than code academy at explaining things


title is a parameter. Is there a particular reason for changing it inside the function?

The keyword argument is missing from your parameter list…

def create_spreadsheet(title, row_count=1000):

The print statement above is incomplete, as well…

print("Creating a spreadsheet called "+title+" with "+str(row_count)+" rows.")

When calling the function we would not include the parameter name in the argument, just the worksheet name.


If we wish to supply a row count that differs from the default, we can include it in the argument list…

create_spreadsheet("Applications", 10)

If you happened to missed the unit on functions, then now would be a good time to step back and swing over to that track.