Keyboard shortcuts for Codecademy excercises

I’ve discovered a lot of keyboard shortcuts for Codecademy excercises not listed before, so I thought I’d share them here! I’ve tested all of them and tried to add descriptions and categories for clarity. I’d be happy to list Mac shortcuts as well. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Official keyboard shortcuts topic & update post for reference:


PC Shortcuts

PC Shortcuts


Shortcut Key Action
Ctrl + Enter Submit the code.
Alt + G Reset the code to its original state.
Alt + > Load the next exercise.
Alt + < Load the previous exercise.


Shortcut Key Action
Home Go to start of current line or indentation.
End Go to end of current line.
Ctrl + Home Go to start of document.
Ctrl + End Go to end of document.
Ctrl + Left Jump one word left.
Ctrl + Right Jump one word right.
Ctrl + Backspace Delete one word to the left.
Ctrl + Delete Delete one word to the right.
Alt + Left Jump one subword left.
Alt + Right Jump one subword right.
Ctrl + Alt + Up Add cursor to previous line.
Ctrl + Alt + Down Add cursor to next line.
Ctrl + Up Scroll the view one line up.
Ctrl + Down Scroll the view one line down.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C Vertically center the view on selection.
Shift + Ctrl + [ Fold selected text or current line.
Shift + Ctrl + ] Unfold selected text or current line.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + 0
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + J
Unfold all foldable blocks.

Text editing

Shortcut Key Action
Ctrl + Z Undo.
Shift + Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y
Tab Insert tab at cursor.
Ctrl + ] Indent selection or current line.
Ctrl + [
Shift + Tab
Unindent selection or current line.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + Backspace Delete from cursor to beginning of the line.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + K Delete from cursor to end of the line.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U Transform selection or current word to uppercase.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + L Transform selection or current word to lowercase.


Shortcut Key Action
Ctrl + A Select all.
Ctrl + L Select line.
Shift + Ctrl + L Split selection by line.
Esc Deselect all except for the top selection.
Ctrl + U Undo selection.
Shift + Ctrl + U
Alt + U
Redo selection.
Ctrl + D Multi-select next instance of current word or selection.
Ctrl + F3 Select next instance of current word.
Shift + Ctrl + F3 Select previous instance of current word.
Alt + F3 Select all instances of current word.
Ctrl + M Jump to the matching special character.
Shift + Ctrl + M Select text between matching special characters.
Shift + Ctrl + Space Select text in current scope.

Line Operations

Shortcut Key Action
Enter Insert indented newline below.
Shift + Enter Insert newline below without indent.
Shift + Ctrl + Enter Insert newline above without indent.
Shift + Ctrl + Up Move current line up.
Shift + Ctrl + Down Move current line down.
Ctrl + J Join lines.
Shift + Ctrl + D Duplicate selection or current line.
Shift + Ctrl + K Remove current line.
F9 Sort all or selected lines.
Ctrl + F9 Sort all or selected lines case insensitive.
Ctrl + / Toggle comment.


Shortcut Key Action
F2 Jump to next bookmark.
Shift + F2 Jump to previous bookmark.
Ctrl + F2 Toggle bookmark at cursor.
Alt + F2 Select all bookmarks.
Shift + Ctrl + F2
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + G
Clear all bookmarks.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + Space Set sublime mark at cursor.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + A Select from cursor to sublime mark.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + X Swap cursor with sublime mark.

Below are a couple of shortcuts I couldn’t get to work. Included for documentation.

Shortcut Key Action
Ctrl + S Save.
Ctrl + F Find.
Ctrl + G
Find next.
Shift + Ctrl + G
Shift + F3
Find previous.
Ctrl + I Find incremental.
Shift + Ctrl + I Find incremental reverse.
Shift + Ctrl + F
Ctrl + H
Shift + Ctrl + R Replace all.
Alt + Q Wrap lines.
Ctrl + T Transpose characters.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + W Delete to sublime mark.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + Y Sublime yank

Hey, thanks so much for sharing! These were actually just re-released this week! Nice find :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this overview! Does anyone know how these shortcuts work for a German keyboard layout? For me the “Load the next exercise”-shortcut does not work. :frowning:


This is a bit annoying. Did you find a solution?

Hey, do you know if these shortcuts are universal for other languages or commonly used in other places?

I just signed up for the Professional account for a year because I believe this very well put together training sight can help my career. But as a career programmer it’s VERY frustrating that I can’t seem to find a shortcut to alternate my cursor between the IDE and the console windows. Having to grab my mouse and move it back and forth is devastating to my flow. Am I just missing something or is this not an option? If not, WHY? We all know that the most efficient coders only rarely touch their mice.

The keyboard shortcut for German keyboard to go to the next exercise is Ctrl+Shift+.
To go to the previous one use it with ,