Keyboard shortcut Opt-P for next lesson not working on Mac

The keyboard shortcut “Opt-P” for going to the next lesson is not working for me on the Mac in Chrome. Instead it inserts the text " , " and highlight it. Here is a screencast of what happens when I hit Opt-P three times.

I have tried it in incognito and get the same thing. Cmd-Enter, Opt-N, and Opt-R all work fine. It’s just Opt-O that isn’t working.


I get the same problem in Safari, but things work correctly in Firefox. So the bug seems to be limited to WebKit browsers.

I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but why don’t you just use the button provided on the page? It takes a second longer…

@jibblyj I’m pretty sure @ajaxace19430 is, since he can’t use the keyboard shortcuts… :wink:
It’s just that keyboard shortcuts are often easier/faster to use.

Using Firefox on Linux, Alt + P and Alt + O work for me.

Stupid little smart person… go away! :wink:

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