Keyboard shortcut next alt + > does not work!

What browser are you using? What Alt key are you using? (Make sure the key isn’t mapped to something else).
There are some good suggestions in that topic you pasted above.

As you can see in the original thread, I’ve solved the issue.
The issue is that the shortcut isn’t actually [ALT] + [ > ], as the tooltip says , it’s [ALT] + [ . ] !!
So if one actually tries [ALT] + [SHIFT] + [ . ] on a US keyboard or
[ALT] + [SHIFT] + [ < ] or [ALT] + [ < ] on a German keyboard layout, it doesn’t work.

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Okay. Makes sense.
I was confused by your suggestion and topic bc it’s not very straightforward. It’s better to be specific rather than make people go to another topic and scroll through it in its entirety.

Well this is the Feedback and Requests category. I was trying to flag the issue in the original thread as an issue / a bug for codecademy employees.

I understand. It’s just better to be more specific or descriptive in the request (like your 2nd response). So all the information is in one spot, rather than having to read another topic altogether.
I also think that it’s not really a bug to fix but rather a tip for other users, bc the tip in the lesson is maybe with the idea that ppl are using US keyboards.

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Yes, if I was asking the community for help, I would put in the work to make myself as clear as possible. If I’m flagging something to employees, I expect them to put in the effort of understanding the issue.

Call it a bug or not - it’s an issue for people. I would expect someone from codecademy to provide a definite answer. Even if it might be “nah, we’ll keep it as is - works for most users”.

I’m on a mac in safari and ctrl + < or > works for me. (That’s the less than and greater than keys and not the arrow keys)

Did you see this?

Thanks for the feedback Lukileila! Also thanks to Lisa for helping out here even though she isn’t a Codecademy employee. :sweat_smile:

To try and make sure that I understand this correctly, the issue is that the tooltip is at best confusing at and worst wrong. It should indicate that the keys to be pressed are comma , and full stop . for moving backwards and forwards respectively. The tooltip indicating that it’s < and > respectively could cause some users to add a shift, which wouldn’t work. Those instructions for international keyboard layouts won’t work either as, for example, some German keyboard layouts have semicolon ; and colon : as the shift alternates for comma and full stop respectively, with angular brackets found elsewhere.

Does that cover it? If so, sounds like the fix is just to change the copy on the tooltip, which should be pretty straightforward for us. :slight_smile:


Well put. Exactly! :smiley:

Also: People confuse [ > ] with [ ARROW RIGHT ]

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Got it! I’ll add a ticket and see about getting it into an upcoming sprint. Thank you! :slight_smile:


You actually got it changed! :blush:

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Yep! Sorry I was on vacation while it happened or I woulda shared. Thanks for the feedback!

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