Keyboard shortcut (alt + . ) for next lesson does not work

It no longer works on my PC or laptop. Has anyone else experienced this problem? It always used to work until recently

What browser are you using? Do you have any extensions installed?

Does this help:

I have this issue on a macbook running Chrome from time to time. No idea what causes it but I’m pretty sure its course specific. Did you recently go through the postgres course, perchance? It didn’t work for half of the lessons/exercises.

Chrome, and I have disabled all extensions and I am still having the same problem

I’m on Safari on the DS track, Supervised Learning, and ctrl + "< " or “>” works to go the next page and back a page. From the gear menu:

no it did not help. I even tried making a custom short cut for it and it still doesn’t work

I’m having this same issue. Chrome browser on Windows, tried all the different combos and nothing works: ctrl, alt, [.], >, with/without shift.

Me too!! having the same problem.

I’m having the same issue. Glad it’s not just me.

Same issue - I’ve disabled all my extensions and alt + . seems to do is sort of refresh the contents, and then makes me click a button to show the code editor?

Making it very tedious to do projects as I’m going through old ones as refreshers.

Edit: then after this image is what is showing, even clicking the “Next” button doesn’t do anything - I then just have to refresh the whole page, at which point it correctly shows the next page?

I’m using firefox.

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The shortcut works for me if I click on the instructions section (left panel) first. But if I use the shortcut while in the code editor, then it doesn’t work. It messes up the Next button too as reported by @boardace64129 , I have to refresh to get to the next page. I am doing the " Learn Python 3" course, the error could be specific to certain courses.