Keyboard Issues!


I had some issues with my keyboard. The keyboard keeps writing YT8134YUV}12 instead of writing the numbers only 813412, I’ve no clue what to do next.

My laptop is almost new, I just purchased it online and 6 months old. I’ve tried to clean the keyboard as well.

Is it a pc or Mac?

Check your keyboard settings…?

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Seems your keyboard have some issue with circuit. If you have extended keyboard then turn off the Num lock and try to write something. Alternatively, you can use to test which keys were defective in keyboard.

This tool will show all the keys that were pressed on the keyboard. If you notice any ghost press then your keyboard is defective and you need to replace it.

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I am using windows PC.


Tried keyboard tester tool and found that some of the keys were pressed all the time thats why I am getting this issue with my keyboard.

Now, I am thinking to change the PCB carbon fiber. I think it might solve the issue. My keyboard is little expensive but it is now out of warranty. it will help?

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