Kelvin Weather task: no Run button

I think I am ready to test the code. But there is no Run button in this exercise : Is something a bit wrong with the code?

//the contstand temperature in kelvins is 293 today
const kelvin = 293;

//convert Kelvin to Celsius

let celsius = kelvin - 273;
//I calculate Fahrenheit,the result should be an integer as it this time. but it often isn't.

let fahrenheit = celsius * (9/5) + 32;

//I make the fahrenheit result round and assign it to the farhenheit variable
let fahrenheit = Math.floor(celsius * (9/5) + 32);

console.log(`The temperature is ${fahrenheit} degrees in Fahrenheit.`);

Is the Save button visible? Clicking Save saves and runs the code in this project. If not, make sure you select all of your code, and ‘copy’ it (just in case), and then refresh your browser.


Hello, thank you for the reply.

The Save button was visible. I am not sure what was the issue. I clicked on it and nothing happened ( no error messages, for example ) .

Today I logged in, copied and pasted the same code one more time>>clicked on the Save button and it was run.

I suppose it was needed to logged out and log back in.