Kelvin weather project

Hi guys,

I am currently doing the Kelvin Weather project. One of the task is to convert Kelvin to Celcius with the following formula.

Kelvin - 273

But isn’t it better with Kelvin / 28.3 given the fact that 283 Kelvin equal to 10 Celcius? This way any value of Kelvin will be converted to Celcius correctly.

Fun fact: In my physic class, I use Kelvin - 273 = Celcius :laughing:.

In that case 2830 Kelvin equal to 2557 Celcius. :thinking:

LoL I am confused.

Isn’t 274 Kelvin = 1 Celsius?

Ahhh yes. The Kelvin weather project confuses me. The graph shows 274 Kelvin = 10 Celcius lol thats why I came to the conclusion.

It might be your code is wrong. Mind to share it here?

The code is OK but I made my conclusion based on the image attached to the project. LoL

What is wrong with the picture? The picture shows that 283K = 10 Celsius, which they have converted it in advance.

I was looking at it wrongly. I thought if 274k equal to 1C then 283 must be around 1ish C. My bad.

Take 283K - 274 = 10 Celsius

274 which is the absolute temperature.