Kelvin exercise

hi! I am in your Kelvin lesson in javaScript and I have all of the code correct as I checked in another console, but your console keeps returning an error. Here is my code: //The kelvin forecast should be set to 293.//
const kelvin = 0;
//celsius is 273 degrees less than kelvin.//
const celsius = kelvin - 273;
//equation to calculate Fahrenheit//
const fahrenheit = celsius * (9 /5 ) + 32;
//rounding down the decimal number
console.log(The temperature is ${fahrenheit} degrees Fahrenheit.)

What’s the error?
Also, please review How do I format code in my posts?

Hey there! If you take a look at the console.log keyword on the bottom of the code, the string concatenation is not there. If you want to use it, try putting `` (Located at the left of the 1 key) as a string form, and then {fahrenheit} should be the variable that it is. So that would be `console.log(`The temperature is {fahrenheit} degrees Fahrenheit. ) . I hope this helps!

Template literal expressions are denoted with ${}, not, {}.

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