Keeps says prompt is not a function, I'm confused


var userChoice = prompt("Do you choose rock, paper or scissors?");
var computerChoice = Math.random();
if (computerChoice < 0.34) {
	computerChoice = "rock";
} else if(computerChoice <= 0.67) {
	computerChoice = "paper";
} else {
	computerChoice = "scissors";
} console.log("Computer: " + computerChoice);

var compare = function(choice1, choice2) {
    if(choice1 === choice2) {
        return "The result is a tie!";
     if (choice1 === "rock")
         if (choice2 === "scissors")
         return "rock wins"
         return "paper wins"
    if (choice1 === "paper")
        if (choice2 === "rock")
        return "paper wins"
        return "scissors wins"
    if (choice1 === "scissors")
        if(choice2 === "rock")
        return "rock wins"
        return "scissors wins"


Your compare function is missing a lot of { }, and a few of your if statements should probably be else if statements. Try reviewing the if / else if / else structure and then re-working your compare function.


The issue was i had userChoice = prompt. I just had to put prompt on the line under it and it all worked. Thanks for your help though.


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