Keeps Returning Me To 90%


Get the message Congratulations you finished the course. I have done the Course Over View about 20 times now. Says Code Achievement Great Job!, then loops me back to Navigation Lesson 1/9. I go to course preview, and my last option is Lesson 5 Kick start your own web page showing 63% completed. I have looked at the forums at stuck at 90%, and have tried every thing they mentioned. How do I get this to realized, that I have finished the course, so that I can continue with another.


Hi kena777,

On this page:

Do you have checkmarks in each unit, like this:


I'm in a similar situation. I have completed the course, but on the main page it says that I'm only 99% done.

Unit 5 shows 96% done, but I can't figure out what that remaining 4% is. How can I quickly find out what I'm missing?

I've gone through all 14 lessons again and they all say "Way to go!"

It says I've finished the course, but on the home page it still says only 99%.

What now?


I've finished the course….



Stil only 99%


@buadhai, maybe clicking on continue will drop you back at the step that is the missing 1%?


No, clicking on "Continue" always takes me back to the very beginning of the Making a Website course. It never takes me back to where I left off. When doing this course I always had to remember where I left off and manually locate the lesson I was working on. "Continue" never worked as expected.

This on Safari 9.0, Mac OS 10.11.



On this page: -- when you scroll down to the green circles are they all checked?


Thanks for all the replies. Went back to where lesson 5 showed, I completed only 63%. Discovered I somehow skipped over the last 2 exercises. Am now struggling with lesson 5/14, Neighborhood Guides:Grids. Very sllooowly getting there. Thanks again.


Good work kena777!

You can always ask questions when you need clarification.



Yes, all 14 circles in the last section (Bootstrap) are checked but it shows only 96%. I went through all 14 lessons and they all said "Way to go". So, I completed each lesson. At the end I saw the message "Congratulations, you've finished this course." But, still shows only 99%. I haven't skipped anything.

I thought it might be a Safari web cache problem so I tried in Chrome with the same result.



How about on this page: -- when you scroll down to the green circles are the 5 Unit circles all checked?


Finally it shows finished. When I last posted it showed 99%. I went out for coffee and when I got back home it now shows "Make a Website" as a completed skill.

Must have been some internal glitch.

Thanks for your help.


Thank goodness it finally woke up! :zzz:


Yes, it was very weird. On other courses I've taken, hitting the "continue" button took me right where I left off. But that never worked in the "Make a Website" course.

Thanks again.