Keeps giving INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI error

Hi @mtf, this question is regardless of above but seems like few more other people had an issue and never got an answer so hoped you could help us with it.

In Jammming project, it keeps giving INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI error when I try to search for a song. However, it’s very unpredictable, yesterday I had no issues when searching but today it started giving this error. I cleaned my cache, closed all programs and restarted but it still didn’t help. Do you know why it might be happening?

Jammming project

Short answer, no. However I’ve put out a call for help with your problem.

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Thanks for posting a link to the project, so we know what you’re working on; however, that doesn’t allow us to see your code.

Are you able to upload the code you’re working with somewhere (like GitHub), or post it here (correctly formatted) so we can see what you’re running? That would help us to look at the problem.

(Remember to remove any API secrets!)


i used string concatenation instead of interpolation and it worked i don’t know why

Could be one of two reasons:

  • the SCT only has a concatenation pattern; or,
  • there was a mistake in the interpolation.
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i think it’s first one I rechecked it.
and also one more problem in the project .
it’s not posting play list after a day why is it

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