Keeping track of the produce print


I have done everything shown in the pictures but my code isn't working. Error message:Oops, try again. You should have exactly three print statements! (Make sure there are no occurrences of 'print' in any comment or string!)

I expected that the code would work and i could move on.

Replace this line with your code.


my code is as follows:

prices = {"banana": 4, "apple": 2, "orange": 1.5, "pear": 3}
stock = {"banana": 6, "apple": 0, "orange": 32, "pear": 15}
for key in prices:
print "Prices: %s" % prices[key]
print "Stock: %s" % stock[key]


Follow the example given in the lesson pane at left. Be sure to use lower case and no plurals.


Remember to print the key name above those lines.


Thanks that really helped


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