Keeping my daily streak going

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I hope to be moving up to Pro in a month or so when I have time to make the most of my investment. I mean, $20/month is a great deal, and the 14 day free period is nice, but I have other projects.

I would like to keep my daily streak going until then. It’s obviously not a huge issue, but it’s been a nice motivator, and I’d like to see how long it can last.

The problem is that I’m almost done with all the free lessons. So I am wondering, is there any way to keep a streak going once you’ve done all the lessons e.g. muddle around with completed code to see why certain things don’t work? I’d prefer it to be ethical too of course.

Is there a way, or will I just need to pace myself until I’m ready to invest in Codecademy Pro? Or buy it sooner?

Because obviously at some point learning new stuff will outweigh getting the next “30 days in a row” badge or whatever. And I’m okay with that. But I thought I’d check if there was a way around the get stuff done quickly vs have a long streak tradeoff.


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You can literally just press “Save & Submit” on code that you’ve already done, and it will continue your streak for you, because it assumes that you’re messing around with it. Of course, there are bonus courses and some more bonus ones as well that could keep your streak going.
I hope this helps, :slight_smile:


Wow! Those are resources. I have found this site to be more fun than, say, a match-3 game, and more productive, too. So it’s great to have new stuff to try.

I thought I already tried just modifying code and checking my profile, but I’ll try it again after GMT midnight. Which looks in about 45 minutes. Thanks, again!


No problem, glad I could assist. :slight_smile:
And I know, those resources are lengthyyy, and i have hardly done any of them, but I wasn’t sure if they might help you do a little more because you seem really interested.


It’s past midnight now, any luck? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I can’t see myself doing them all, but a few will catch my interest and nail down something I didn’t know. I’m already a lot more comfortable with ternary operators.

Yes, with the caveat that “Run” doesn’t seem to register “last coded” on the profile page, so a lesson with “Save and Submit” is necessary e.g. Python or Ruby. But then, those are the trickier ones which likely most need revisiting anyway. So that’s all good.


Hi, @andrewschultzchicago ,

If maintaining your streak is important to you, be cautious about what exercises you depend upon to keep your streak going. Some of the bonus courses might not count toward your streak, even though most of them do offer points and badges. For some of the newer courses, resubmitting an exercise that you have completed previously might not maintain your streak .

Also be aware that midnight might not be the time when a new day begins for streak purposes. Therefore, it would be advisable to observe what time of day a submission increases your streak, so that you can take that into account.

If you re-submit exercises in some of the older courses, such as the original Python track, it does help continue your streak. Check this out, since it might be your most reliable option.


@appylpye thanks for the clarification! I know the streak won’t go forever, so I don’t want to engage in gamesmanship over it…but it’s still nice to know what works and what doesn’t, and if I’m doing significant reviews of course material, then it’s nice to know I’ll get credit for that.

There’s always the stopgap measure of visiting my profile to make sure it works.

I’ve had streaks broken on other sites, and it’s no big deal because things happen and priorities change. But it’s cool that I’m allowed this, and if anyone here has read Nudge, they’ll recognize small incentives can make for big behavioral changes. They’ve already helped me here, on this website.

Well, back to the remaining free/basic courses with a bit more enthusiasm, now that I know all this!