Keep track of the reduce


My code is the same as others who have passed. but it is still said there is sth wrong with my orange. Pls help~~~


Hi, @superwomen1995 ,

The instructions specify that the format of the output should be as follows ...

price: 2
stock: 0

... but yours does not have a space after each of the two colons.


I'm struggling with the same. But mine does have spaces and still the message is coming up. :disappointed:


Hi, @sananahas ,

The format specified by the instructions includes this ...

price: 2

... but your code would display this ...

prices: 2


Thx ^^ it passed now ~


It isn't working for me either
EDIT: changed
print("price: %s" %prices[key])
print "price: %s" %prices[key]
and etc to the rest, and it worked :smiley: