Keep getting the error " Oops, try again. Make sure you have at least one unordered list inside your unordered list of profile sections"


Replace this line with your code.


Please post both CSS & HTML Code.

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I'm a male t-rex 22 million years old from pangea


  • skidaj

  • kjdanskdsan

  • sjslaasj

  • ayy

    • Long walks on the beach

    • Circle jerking with my buddies

    • Hand stand circle jerking (well technically im not doing a hand stand because my hands are extremly short so i cant really reach that high i kinda just stand on my head with myfeet on the wall.)

        <li> between?</li>
       <h1 style="font-size: 60px"><strong>Favorite Memories            </strong></h1>
            <li style="font-size: 50px"> One time when I was hand             stand circle jerking with my buds really had to pee              but i said &#9632;&#9632;&#9632;&#9632; it. so i just let my bud keep jerking             me then i peed and came all over my face. <strong                >Oops</strong>.
            <li style="font-size: 60px"> jerking off <li>


sorry not this mine was this

Ayesha's Profile:

love pic

My name is ayesha.I'm a student of BS.IT.My age is 21.I want to become an IT professional.I like to learn many skills related to my field.I lives in Lahore.

  • Degrees:
    <li>F.SC Pre-Engineering</li>
     <li><strong>Schools in which i have studied:</strong>
    <li>The Educators Lhr.</li>
    <li>Punjab college for girls Lhr.</li>
    <li>University of Education Township Lhr.</li>
    <Li>Net Bean</li>
    	</ol>	</li>
    <li><strong>Interests & Hobbies:</strong>
    <li>Learning different techniques.</li>
    <li>Playing Games.</li>
    <li>Listening songs.</li>
    </ol> </li>

  • Languages:

    1. Urdu

    2. English

    3. Punjabi

    4. Hindi

  • Religion & Nationality:

    1. Islam

    2. Pakistani

  • Favorite Quotes:

    1. Unity is Strength.


According to your error which is the heading of this discuss, you need to have a least one unordered list <ul></ul> inside you unordered list<ul></ul>. So you are meant to nest unordered list in essence<ul><ul></ul></ul>.

See example below:

        <li>Favourite Quotes</li>
        <li>Favourite food</li>

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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