Keep getting stuck on page as saved progress keeps loading code that causes error




Is there a way to reset the section on endwhile or the whole section 6 part?

I've got to section 6 of leaning PHP. I was trying to figure out the endwhile bit of code. I entered into the code editor, as you can see from the screen shot


Now I'm stuck on that page and no matter what I do I cannot fix it. Every time I go to this section I get the following error as you can see in the screen shot below:
'cannot put the error code screen shot as I'm a new user :frowning:

the error message says: something went wrong. please refresh your browser

I cannot edit the code, I cannot reset the code, because the error message comes up before I can do anything. I'm stuck and cannot progress any further!!!!!!

I remember when doing the SQL course you could click on some menu on the right hand side that re-set the code back to before it was saved. It's saved and now stuck on that page because before I can do anything the error message comes up asking me to refresh the browser. I'm stuck in a loop because I cannot get rid of the code I entered because the code keeps showing the error message you see in the screenshot.

Is there a way to reset the section on endwhile or the whole section 6 part?


Hi @rst38 ,

I had the same problem in 7/7 caused by creating an infinite loop. Most of the suggestions in the forum didnt work, so I kept on experimenting until I tried the following.

  1. Once the page loads (with the saved code), the error message "Something went wrong..." comes up and submitting your corrected code seems to take forever. Resetting the code window or refreshing the page don't help either.

  2. Delete the portion of your code that has the loop error and replace with the correct code.

  3. Click "Full Screen" on the display window. This will display the results of your code in full screen mode (saving the corrected code in the process).

  4. Click the "Back to Editor" button at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

  5. Refresh the browser. (the corrected code will load by default)


Oh WOW! Thanks dude!

It works! Done exactly as you wrote.

The code - for anyone else that may encounter this VERY annoying bug - is:

$loopCount = 0;

Iteration number: {$loopCount}

$loopCount ++;



Thanks it helped :smile:


THanks its helps!!! THANX for sharing!!!<3