Keep getting errors before I finish typing the code


I'm just checking to see if is is an issue with my computer or the PHP lesson.

I just finished the 4th part of lesson 1.
On just about every part of this lesson so far, I keep getting a popup that says "error" and instructs that I refresh my browser before I even finish typing the code. Then I have to refresh the page and start all over again. It always lets me finish typing the second time, but this is starting to get frustrating. Is this an issue with the lesson or something that is just happening to me?


@kookiekrysp have you tried running it in a different browser? It sounds like a browser issue more than a lesson/site issue.


Unfortunately, I am on a Chromebook so I am limited to one browser. There are a few things I can do to try and fix it, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a common issue first.

Thanks for the reply!


I just figured out what my problem is. For some reason, it's submitting the code before I click "Save and Submit". So I keep getting errors before I get a chance to enter the correct code. Not sure what I can do the fix this though.


You can try commenting out your code and then deleting the comment blocks before submitting it. That's what worked for me while I was going through PHP.


Thank you so much!

That's exactly what I am going to do.


Same Problem. I get this "error" ever 15 sec...



I get it using Google Chrome, and Internet explorer as well. I'm assuming this is a site error and not so much a browser based error.


Also getting the same error. Seems silly to comment out all your code each time... Course has had several typos as well...

Chrome on OSX


check the fullscreen preview of the result, if the result is how you think it should look, reload the page, the site should let you continue.


I also get that issue, and I must say, it's pretty annoying. I've had it in at least 2 browsers (Chrome and Firefox). Having to refresh a single page 10 times just to complete one simple coding exercise should never be the case.


This is really annoying and it is not browser dependent but a bug in your software!

You might think that the current software is an improvement over the old software, but you are mistaken!

The software SHOULD NOT check for syntax errors while we are still typing.

That is just dumb.

I do appreciate Codecademy - but this annoying issue really makes me appreciate it a lot less. :frowning:


I was having a similar problem, I ended up having to get my computer refurbished at a local company to handle the updates. My computer screen was changing different colors every time I restarted the system, and I was getting inappropriate error pop ups. Luckily with the updated firmware my coding is working properly.