Keep getting Error with #3


Here is my code following the example there was there.

// Print out the position of a letter that is in
// your own name
strpos("isaac", "i"); // 0
strpos("isaac", "a"); // 2
strpos("isaac", "aac"); // 2
strpos("isaac", "zxc"); // false

// Check for a false value of a letter that is not
// in your own name and print out an error message
if (strpos("isaac","z") === false) {
print "Sorry, no 'z' in 'isaac'";
//prints the "Sorry" message


Check this part of your code

specifically here

it says print it out but you have not printed it out


i think the quotation you put in your code is not valid

print "Sorry, no 'z' in isaac "

you wrote 3 single quotation marks

print "Sorry, no 'z' in 'isaac' "
at least put space between single and double quotation marks it will make the macine confuse not only the machine but people who read it will also confuse i guess