Keep getting div not set when its set


I am stuck at the fopllowing;
Modifying HTML elements: 8. Changing your style

This is the error message I get: Oops, try again. Did you give your

a height of 200px?

   $('div').css('border-radius', '10px');


I just tried your code, as well as variations on quotes and all tests passed. Perhaps try a page refresh and submit again?


this still happens for some reason... refreshed and reset the code but nothing will change.
Also refreshed the page


It could be a browser thing. I'm testing with Firefox. Something else that might work is removing the units. The jQuery height and width methods emulate the height and width HTML attributes, and do not require units (meaning they are optional).


Try that and see if it works.


It is still not working... Maybe I should try a different browser?


Which one are you using, now?


Google Chrome,
I have firefox and internet explorer installed perhaps I will try both


Problem is solved! It was indeed the browser. I guess chrome does not work for the program. I used internet explorer and it worked


Good to know, for future reference. This course will soon be replaced but if anyone runs into this problem we will know what to look for. Thanks for sticking with it.


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